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Grass root level engagement in Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is one of the locations where CITI-SENSE will demonstrate the concept of citizens’ observatories. This will be carried out in a case study on indoor air in schools and one on urban air quality.

    Each year the Institute Jožef Stefan (JSI) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, organizes the Days of Jožef Stefan to mark the birthday of this great Slovenian physicist. In this context, JSI was presenting CITI-SENSE activities in Ljubljana to science enthusiasts of every age. They could obtain information about CITI-SENSE and the initiatives in Ljubljana through posters, print materials and a video. Additionally, a sample of sensor units was available as demonstration material. They presented real-time results, accessible via QR-code.
    The event was a success – more than 500 visitors passed the exhibition and many people have been introduced to CITI-SENSE and the idea of citizens’ observatories. 

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